Julekveld m/ De Naive 

Julekveld m/ De Naive is a contemporary dance cabaret that premiered in 2017.
The performance celebrates and emphasizes the great pleasures of Christmas, but also comments what commercial chaos the tradition has become. A vulnerable disharmony that arises in the desperate attempt to keep up when everything is about to collapse; when the facade bursts and the event does not match societies glossy and stereotypical expectations. 

Music: Torbjørn Kolbeinsen 
Choir: Tilslørte Bønder(Oslo), Kaliope Studinekor(Bergen),
Stavanger studentsangforening,(Stavanger) Birkelunden Mannskor(Skien) 
Photo: Jan Khür 

Premiere: Dec. 10 2017 
Tour dates: 30.11.18 Tou Scene Stavanger,
                       03.12.18 KODE 1, Bergen 
                       08.12.18 Spriten Kunsthall