De Naive

A collaboration between Oslo based dance artists
Charlott Utzig, Julie Moviken and Harald Beharie. 

De Naive is a state of being.

Our practice spans from stage performances, pop-up performance, site-specific work and into cyberspace. The work questions our relations to uncertainty and awkward bodies. The situations that feels a bit off. How can we explore the pathetic, but also dear moments.
A spontaneous and vulnerable presence which has potential to generate an absurd and insecure entry to our surroundings. This uncertainty and embarrassment has gradually manifested into common methods aiming to build an unpredictable and playful atmosphere where anything could come or happen. 

A common denominator for our work is making dance available to the public; a desire to reach out to a wide range of people through fieldwork, public pop-up performances and the active use of puclic space as performative landscapes. De Naives work has been presented in museums, galleries, festivals and contexts including: 

Stavanger Kunstmuseum                                          
Oktoberdans BIT-teatergarasjen, Bergen 
Munch Museum, Oslo 
Vigeland Museum, Oslo
RAS, Sandnes
Tou Scene, Stavanger 
Ravnedans, Kristiansand
Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
Øyafestivalen, Oslo 
Trondheim Kunstmuseum 
Ekebergparken, Oslo 

We believe that the world (and the art field) needs more naive energy!!!! De Naive can be interpreted as an image or expression of our millennial generation, where it can seem like there are no limits for where to reach and what to achieve. A mentality characterized by high ambitions with a naive belief in that “dreams will come true”. 

                                Photo: Jan Khur