HOOP is hope circle ⭕️
A performative togetherness.
A prayer to the gods of performance and an action to remind our self we are distant but together.

HOOP is a collaboration between Roza Moshtaghi and De Naive, together with 17 performers. The project approaches public space by written neighbour notifications.  HOOP has appeared at Ammerud, Romsås, Torshov and Ullevål Hageby and Ravnedans, Kristiansand, 2020. 

About the object hoop ;
Native American Hoop Dance is a storytelling dance incorporating hoops as props. Hoop /circle is an important symbol for many cultures throughout the world. In recent western history, around 1950 , ¨ hooping ¨ was introduced as a toy or a prop to get fit and therefore become part of pop culture and normalized.


 Roza Moshtaghi and De Naive

 Performers in Oslo version:
 Roza Moshtaghi, Julie Moviken,
 Charlott Madeleine Utzig, Oda  Bjørholm, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm,
 Tamar Ohana Goksøyr, Ingrid  Haakstad, Geir Hytten,  
 Siri Jøntvedt, Sara Enger Larsen,
 Trine Lise Moe, Ingunn Rimestad,  Matias Rønningen,
 Synne Sørum, Kristian Støvind  and Ornilia Percia Ubisse 

HOOP has appeared at Ammerud, Romsås, Torshov and Ullevål Hageby(NO) 2020

Ravnedans, Kristiansand (NO) 2020.

Upcoming Tour:
Koreda October 2021