23.11.19 -  Vigeland Museum

Sekvens for Vigeland

Flash Mob Series is a performative installation and performance series made specially for museums and gallery spaces. An exploration of the subtle knowledge of the museum space and the social norms we usually associate with it.

Sekvens for Vigeland I-XII was a durational flash mob through the twelve rooms of the Vigeland-Museum. The spectators were invited to join in, and the routine had to negotiate with the surroundings; may it be the permanent exhibition/sculptures, unpredictable spectators or museum guards.

The collaboration was initiated by the Vigeland-Museum and curated as a part of the Vigeland Jubileet.

Musicians: Torbjørn Kolbeinsen, Ivar Myrset Asheim and Trill Vokalensemble.

Video: Christopher Helberg.